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Life is a failure

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Life is a failure, work, business are not satisfied, and bring no joy, no lumen: some setbacks and failures, permanent life problems. The world as it is crumbling beneath their feet. What to do?

Yes, there are all difficult. But everyone behaves in this situation differently.

Someone complains about the crisis, to life, and who is looking for new ways to interact in new conditions. For those who seeks, offered a way out.

Life is a failure. Way out

And the rule here - is simple: "If something does not suit, if life is a failure, then you need to find something else to do, it is an alternative to the first, that is, having more advantages and opportunities."

Usually, when one door closes, then almost immediately a new window opens, gradually becoming a new door.

On this basis, should analyze "manifestations" of new windows. That is, new career options, work, business, activity, which will give a profit-positive indicators. And most importantly, do not lose heart and do not blame yourself that life is a failure, that everything is not as we would like.

And now the sights of the talk. "There was a king Salamon, and he had a son. Before his death, he gave his son the casket, which was strictly forbidden to open: it can be opened only in the case when his son would be very bad and will to live is unbearable. And a time it's when his son lost a major battle in the state and it creates chaos. So, the son opens the box, and then ring with the inscription "This too shall pass!" instructive story? Here! Know, come and your finest hour! Home climb higher on this situation.

Life is a failure. Algorithm opening:

Life is not udalas11. Mentally "climb" up on his situation, no matter how soul cried and spared myself that life is a failure.

2. To see what there are ways and ways for successful further development.

3. Record all options without any editing, thinking through, analysis.

4. Mark the dates when there is a real opportunity to start each activity.

5. Ask questions Tarot (on the short term in each of these areas, and the future path in each activity and the timing of receipt of the first cash (for different directions it can be your options: the first profit, the first salary , interest and etc.).

6. Detailed analysis sections: "Financial income. Moral satisfaction. (We are talking about the amount of cash flows, as well as a clear understanding of what is waiting for a man moral satisfaction from the activity. This is done in order to trace the development of these things in a new direction).

7. Create a personal horoscope person. Determine the purpose of his life and favorable way possible problem moments of life that man saw the reason why life is a failure, and found a way to solve the maximum of all the problems.

8. On a horoscope to determine the method of making money and career prospects, finance, etc ..

9. Create horoscope enterprises (provisional) from the scheduled date for the opening of a new business. Determine the prospects of the company and the time when it is best to start doing.

10. Create all the information received from the plan of the discovery, development, indicating favorable time periods.

11. Begin to act, using the resulting analysis.

Life is a failure, the method of "Screen Analysis"

There is a unique method that is called "Screen-analysis." It combines the knowledge of the three forecasting systems: tarot cards, astrology and numerology. In this analytical method are given five Tarot any questions on the current situation, for example: "life is a failure, what to do," compiled personal horoscope (purpose, method of making money, finance, etc.) and analyzed by numerical codes name of the person, the date birth, and calculated the annual forecast. "Screen - analysis" exhaustively analyzes the current situation opens up the corners of misunderstanding in the fate of a man builds a strategy for achieving these goals. All information is available in written form decrypted with detailed study in coaching sessions on Skype. Detailed "Screen Analysis" and further ways to implement it will make you forget the bitter feeling of hopelessness: "Life is not good!" In place of it comes a new feeling: "Life is beautiful!". Just in life sometimes heavy periods, thus it is necessary to compress all the will in a fist and silently wait. And then all will be well!

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