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How to pick a favorite, so as not to be disappointed?

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All this, of course, amazing, wonderful and beautiful, is only one "but", namely, why it is so often all these wonderful feelings very quickly dissolve in the air, and suddenly appears very favorite in the "other world."

And a young girl tries again to understand how to choose a favorite right. All - easy! Love the forces of light, your enthusiastic expectations change your object of dreams and dreams. And it - great!

Another man, as a rule, hardly changed, just changed your view on it and your perception of the events!

In other words, you are changing your reality! After some time, sensual - emotional excitement and enthusiasm were, and you could see the man in "real life", as he is in fact! But how to choose a favorite, not to change an opinion about him, that he was perfect.

How   to pick a favorite. Typical errors

If a little bit away from the topic of love, we can see that the choice of something else, people tend to treat very sensitive and even demanding. For example, before buying a TV or monitor, the common man will conduct research and study not only different models, but also learns pricing policy, a closer look different proposals under the scheme: price - quality - range - the required model. And so on.

And only when meeting with your partner, more often, many questions "fall" or, it is believed that they are even uncomfortable to ask. However, not asking about the preferences of the person, his tastes, habits, tastes, people are at risk to begin to live together as if they are "minefield" or spend their lives in battle, defending their views and trying to change the other person. The results of such "home" battles are rarely positive, more often then men have mistresses.

In fact, there is a unique piece of advice: in order to get what you want, you need an accurate characterization or description desired.

How to pick a favorite. Secrets wise ladies

how to choose a favorite

Thus, the first thing to do - is to write a description of your men, and, there is no need to limit yourself to some "frame". The bottom line is that you created a portrait of a man completely suits you, whether you like and even inspires you.

The second step will be active: service Affiliates. At this stage it is important not to set a goal: to meet and ... It is important to strengthen your communication and see the character traits of a portrait of a man in your other acquaintances and friends. So you can understand how important for you these nuances in the portrait of the future partner, and the question of how to choose a favorite, you already give an answer.

The third step is to delight. From meetings, from new acquaintances, from the new information and of the new life. When you begin to invite interesting men on dates, and or they will invite you to a romantic walk, you should have a list of questions you want to ask your friend. Thus, the questions will give you a lot of information about the future candidate. Agree, it's easier to know in advance that there is something that will just irritate you about the man than to discover it quite by accident one morning.

Horoscope on how to pick a favorite right

Once you have decided on the list of candidates for your hand and heart, you invite to a deep familiarity with each man separately. Make it easy and simple. For this you need to know the date, time and place of birth. From these data, compiled horoscope man, where a detailed analysis is carried out with respect to its readiness for a serious relationship, the importance of marriage and family in his life, as well as to how he is willing to take moral and financial responsibility for the future wife and children. In addition, compiled and your personal card, which examines your destination and the house of marriage. The next step for the correct answer to the question of how to pick a favorite, combining both cards will be partners in order to create a third horoscope - general, who will talk about how perfect these men and women to each other.

This approach will allow you to know how serious your partner what his real plans for you. Also, your horoscope will open a lot of different information about you the most, and, therefore, the question of how to pick a favorite, for you will become more understandable and clear.

Order a horoscope compatibility, you can, by filling out the form "Record on consultation" which is located below this article.

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