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Purpose or what we have been given is the embodiment

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Purpose human soul chooses long before the birth of the person and determines the task for which the person comes back to Earth in this incarnation and in this physical body.


  This is - an undeniable fact! Easier and more natural to take it as a law of life, as, for example, the law of gravity or any other law. The soul has chosen a specific purpose incarnation in this life, and a person needs to perform its task. The sooner a person realizes it, the more effective it becomes life in all its areas. It - also the law! The purpose of man can be traced to the signs that a person gets to the right people dating, casual happy meetings, the facts of luck, help from others - all of this - the direct assistance of the Universe, which manifests itself quickly and clearly.

The purpose of man

Destiny of man, his life goals and objectives can be defined, and this is the right solution to this problem, order a personal horoscope. In order to place your order, you must specify the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, as well as the surname, name and patronymic (this is for determining the numerical code name of the person).

The purpose of man. Example of Elvis Presley

Consider the example of a man in the face of Purpose the King of Rock 'n' roll - Elvis Presley, and the way in which the purpose of his incarnation was implemented, and why he died so early.

When reading the card - horoscope Elvis Presley, analysis of the information shows Purpose man Elvis Presley: change the global problems, to carry out reforms to improve the world through social contacts. As you can see, Elvis Presley changed the world of music beyond recognition, has opened a new direction: Rock and roll, introduced a new style of dress, manner of movement on stage. He is perhaps the first artist who has been actively move on the stage, to conduct concerts in the form of active communication with the public. In addition, Elvis Presley with its beauty, charm and inimitable charm became an idol for many pop stars, fans, fans, he brought joy and happiness to ordinary people to communicate, during the concerts. That was a recipe for its popularity. He was able to "bring" the stage, concerts and his music and songs to the normal listener, concert goers.

In addition, Elvis began his climb the ladder of success with a group of friends, which also corresponds to the purpose of man Elvis. Friends helped to realize the ambitions of his career.

The early exits Elvis Presley explained by the fact that the movement in the career development was stopped by the singer, because by the standards of the common man, he achieved all of what had once dreamed and dreamed. Spiritual development is not happening. His desire to immerse himself in reading religious literature (as one of the possible steps towards spiritual development) was stopped by his producer, which was aimed only at making money on the talent of Elvis. A self-development and self-improvement - an important point in the destiny of man Elvis, which could allow him to achieve more, it could be just a long life, and creative projects. Nevertheless, the law allowed a free choice Elvis go their own way, which was a brilliant, extraordinary and stellar. Purpose human own, individual, as well as the methods of implementation.

The purpose of man in his horoscope

Purpose cheloveka1Prednaznachenie person can be determined by reading his horoscope. In any horoscope contains complete information on how business or activity best handled by humans. It is important just to know all this information and use it! The key word here: "use". Just like buying a new thing, everyone wants to wear this thing, that is used at the same time he is happy with how well she looks and new clothes, and so on, what impression the holder in this new dress or manner. Same thing with the knowledge obtained from the horoscope person if they are not used, a qualitative change in a person's life does not happen. They do not apply. That is the destiny of man is not realized. Habitual way of life remains unchanged, and the person continues all the same run around. And it seems to you - not bad! This is your choice!

If you have a choice not happy, you can make an appointment (Form located below), as well as subscribe to the unique knowledge from Bella Aveb, you will receive a letter to your mail.

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