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Gift Rhoda. How unique talents arise.

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Everyone from birth is inscribed in the great generality or cell, which is called "Rod", becomes the representative of a unique family system.

However, he has a close relationship with all members of the family, and the dead and the living. Better, of course, if known to the individual, even more desirable if it is perceived and understood adequately, even if nothing is known about their relatives.

Gift genus and family tree

Family tree exists in a person's life from the birth and even after the departure of the other world. This is - a kind of ladder structure, which has its own hierarchy and sequence.

Rare number of people can boast of the knowledge of their ancestors to the seventh generation. Events in the former Soviet space evolved in such a way that many families moved from place to place because of the circumstances, and the story of the fate of a relative could endanger all members of the family. That is why, for many people is quite normal ignorance of the history of life of parents and grandparents - grandparents on the maternal and paternal lines. And many do not know that their phenomenal abilities - it is a gift order.

However, the strength of the clan or family tree is not subject to any political system. It manifests itself in spite of, or contrary to life circumstances. You need to understand one very important point: the connection to the power Rhoda gives aid of relatives who have been in the family tree. Even those whose life you never know. There are various practices to join the Energy Rod, as well as to purify karma kind.

Kind gift - a treasure that is transmitted from generation to generation

Gift Rod 1 As known part of skills a person brings in real life from previous incarnations, this is a gift order. In addition, he can transmit Rhode important practice, for example, healing, through generations of grandmothers \ grandfathers or grandmothers \ grandparents to grandchildren. Such a "gift Rod" can be sent through time to new members of a family tree because tasks that were in the past to a specific person they were not met. And as these goals are important and significant, they "are sent and routes" through time grandchildren.

Divine gift - a gift of sorts

Young talents of its extra abilities often baffled seasoned teachers. In different areas of science, technology, medicine, etc. from time to time there are geniuses, which they say that they have talents from God. Of course, the divine nature of the special gift of every person, its purpose, no one denies. But if you make a detailed analytics using prognostic systems such as tarot cards, astro-numerology forecasts and it becomes clear that this man has received a gift Roda, ie Rod gave certain knowledge that it is a talented man. This is done on the basis of the importance of this unique manifestation of human talent for the benefit of others and the universe as a whole.

Therefore, in such situations at the human level is completely useless to refuse to accept such knowledge. Universe and Rod "find" the right way to make people accept this gift, the gift kind.

This does not mean that a person after awareness and acknowledgment of the transfer of such a unique knowledge can feel its great significance, importance, or feature. Gift contains a special knowledge accumulated by several representatives of the family tree. Therefore, when transmitted to a unique "gift Rod" a specific person, he sent messages about the presence of a certain special abilities. This may be accomplished through messages, and through other methods people.

Kind gift, what its meaning

I would like to add in conclusion of folk wisdom: "a gift horse in the teeth do not look." This means that the "gift Rod" can’t be evaluated, and it can’t be evaluated in terms of the average person. Such a gift should be taken with great gratitude and immediately relayed to the World, the Universe and the people, that is, to help people on the basis of the knowledge gained. Because that's what this is the meaning of this special donation through time. For a man it is - a very good occasion to thank the whole race for such a wonderful gift Rod. And, of course, to preserve this gift Rod, multiply and pass it on to future generations. And make up your family tree and pass grandchildren that they continue to chronicle the family, a family tree, sort of.

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